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Local 23 of the United Transportation Union represents the SCMTD Bus Operators and the Operators and Dispatchers of Liftline; all within the Santa Cruz, California community. The Metro drivers affiliated with the United Transportation Union in 1980 and shortly thereafter went on strike. The paratransit drivers joined in 2001 as employees of Liftline/FNS. They first having there own Committee of Adjustment, then merging to have one Vice-Chair on a consolidated Committee. Paratransit came in-house to the SCMTD in 2004.

New news; UTU is merging with another Labor Union again. This time the Sheet Metal Workers?

The first version of the Local 23 page went up early in 1995. We were the first North American transit Labor organization on the web. An Alta Vista search at that time returned the  Transport & General Workers Union in the UK as the first Transport Union with a web site.

In November 1999 we finally got a domain name of our own, local23.org. You got here by following a link to that domain.

Guestbook is working again. After only a week the guestbook has been bombed by porn spammers. Sigh

Ever suspected their motives?